ANR Landmark :

Holding an unwavering vision to offer a sustainable balance between affordability and luxury, we bring you homes that enthrall your heart. We build homes of global standards of construction with a great sense of environmental responsibility. Our mission has been to reach new heights and become the standard bearer of the real estate industry by creating the best living spaces. Our strength lies in our experience, skill and dedication to deliver the best. Keep showering your love and trust on us and we shall pursue our dreams, while we carry out yours!

Our Vision:

ANR Landmark’s Vision is to help build and transform lives, landscapes and living habitats of people and to deliver world-class gated communities by embracing new technologies and applying new work concepts. ANR Landmark builds long-term relationships with Trust, Integrity and Growth.


Maram Dilip Kumar - Partner

ContactNo: +91-9849333455

We, Maram Constructions have been in the industry for over 15 years and always strive to meet the expectations of our customers. We purely believe in integrity and trust. We have delivered over 4 ventures in Warangal and had the association of thousands of households and share our joy with them. It’s this patronage and encouragement that has been our inspiration for continued growth and launch of new projects. At this stage, we once again re-dedicate ourselves to host happy communities. While we continue to build on the strength of the group and make a sustainable difference to the society and i am pleased to say that the best is yet to come.

ANR Landmark’s Credibility:

ANR Landmark is backed up by a team of professionals coming from engineering backgrounds and executives with a proven track record of technical and financial success. The team of Leaders encourages long-term thinking, accountability and transparency which play a major role in good decision-making at every level.

Maram Dilip Kumar oversees the governance and management activities of all the groups which include Finance, Administration and legal.His interpersonal skill is the foundation to all relationships and networking .Maram Dilip Kumar has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry.

At ANR Landmark being backed up by Maram , We are committed to performing with trust, integrity and transparency. We strongly believe in doing what is right , be it our customers, employees, vendors or other stakeholders. That's the main reason we have happy customers associated with Maram since 15 years and counting .